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Northern Ireland

Jim Workman is the new Civil Engineers’ Club representative in Northern Ireland.  He is re-starting the group and has already organised a most successful visit in Belfast.  His report on the visit follows below:

Visit on 24 November 2017

The visit was in the form of a presentation of a planned major infrastructure project in Belfast known as Weavers Cross.

Background – Translink (which operates the train and bus services over N Ireland) and the Department for Regional Development have been working in conjunction with the Strategic Investment Board and have identified the potential to create an integrated Public Transport Hub that will be a high class Gateway for Belfast.

It was a really successful gathering – we had 12 paid up members, 5 other civil engineers and 10 guests making the grand total 27 plus the two speakers + one support staff. The speakers were the Project Manager for the Transport Hub team and a Director from Arup.

Judging by the intense Q & A session it was a real success. All of the members expressed their gratitude on getting the show back on the road.

I used the opportunity to sound out the members on the way forward. Two non members have agreed to join the Club.

The next visit is to the Whitehead Railway Museum

This will take place over two days, due to limitations on group visit numbers.

The dates are Thursday 19 April and Friday 27 April.

Visit to the Tropical Ravine refurbishment on 16 March 2018

I have just finalised a visit to an interesting major refurbishment of what is known as the Tropical Ravine in the Belfast Botanic Gardens complex. Our immediate past Chairman Stephen Heaney has gone the extra mile in facilitating this visit.

Before the work started on the Tropical Ravine, many of the plants were moved into the Palm House or re-homed to other ferneries. The large specimens that couldn’t be shifted were covered and protected from reconstruction work and the cold. Some of the plants are very valuable – the tree ferns are estimated to be over 150 years old.

One major feature was the complete replacement of the old roof and placing new steel trusses above the old cast iron trusses, allowing them to be retained but no longer load bearing.

If you wish to book for the above visit or know more about events in Northern Ireland or participate in its activities then please contact Jim at:

email: [email protected]

(Tel)     028 2586 2344 or

(Mob)   07531 522 331